SPUG: Perl Debugger Pocket Reference

Andrew Sweger andrew at sweger.net
Mon Apr 5 19:10:47 CDT 2004

This text is also included as the output for the help (h) command in the
debugger in later versions of perl. You can print it out on your home
inkjet printer, but that'll probably cost you about $0.20 in ink, eh? 

On Mon, 5 Apr 2004, Michael R. Wolf wrote:
> List/search source lines:               Control script execution:
>   l [ln|sub]  List source code            T           Stack trace
>   - or .      List previous/current line  s [expr]    Single step [in expr]
>   v [line]    View around line            n [expr]    Next, steps over subs
>   f filename  View source in file         <CR/Enter>  Repeat last n or s
>   /pattern/ ?patt?   Search forw/backw    r           Return from subroutine
>   M           Show module versions        c [ln|sub]  Continue until position
> Debugger controls:                        L           List break/watch/actions
>   o [...]     Set debugger options        t [expr]    Toggle trace [trace expr]
>   <[<]|{[{]|>[>] [cmd] Do pre/post-prompt b [ln|event|sub] [cnd] Set breakpoint
>   ! [N|pat]   Redo a previous command     B ln|*      Delete a/all breakpoints
>   H [-num]    Display last num commands   a [ln] cmd  Do cmd before line
>   = [a val]   Define/list an alias        A ln|*      Delete a/all actions
>   h [db_cmd]  Get help on command         w expr      Add a watch expression
>   h h         Complete help page          W expr|*    Delete a/all watch exprs
>   |[|]db_cmd  Send output to pager        ![!] syscmd Run cmd in a subprocess
>   q or ^D     Quit                        R           Attempt a restart
> Data Examination:     expr     Execute perl code, also see: s,n,t expr
>   x|m expr       Evals expr in list context, dumps the result or lists methods.
>   p expr         Print expression (uses script's current package).
>   S [[!]pat]     List subroutine names [not] matching pattern
>   V [Pk [Vars]]  List Variables in Package.  Vars can be ~pattern or !pattern.
>   X [Vars]       Same as "V current_package [Vars]".
>   y [n [Vars]]   List lexicals in higher scope <n>.  Vars same as V.
> For more help, type h cmd_letter, or run man perldebug for all docs.

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                                things can go wrong at once.

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