SPUG: How to rotate AVI movies?

Michael R. Wolf MichaelRWolf at att.net
Fri Nov 28 19:59:17 CST 2003

"Otter" <OtterMain at hotmail.com> writes:


> Actually, I've tried rotating TVs for convenient watching in bed. The
> color tends to get messed up on all of the TVs I've tried. Don't know
> how they work, but I'm sure something is getting out of balance, or
> maybe all our TVs are just poorly wired. But that is an idea there!
> Try watching the videos in bed!

You've either got some **real** heavy or **real** electrons shooting
out of your electron gun. Or perhaps you're living in a very strong
electromagnetic field. Do metal objects accelerate faster than
non-metal objects when you drop them near your TV?

Save yourself. Get out, man.... she's gonna blow!!!

Michael R. Wolf
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