SPUG: Perl Security slides online

Brian Hatch bri at ifokr.org
Thu Nov 27 11:39:20 CST 2003

Happy thanksgiving, everyone.

The (improved) slides from last Tuesday's Perl Security
Overview are online at


I added a few that I wanted to have originally, and corrected
an error or two.  I have to say, my first SPUG meeting was

	* finally got to pair some names and faces from time
	  here on the mailing list

	* caused it to snow the next day, my first time seeing
	  snow here in Seattle.

	* caused my fiancee to have premature contractions the
	  next day.

I'm not quite as pleased with that last one, so I'd probably
warn future presenters....

Brian Hatch                  Meetings -- where none of
   Systems and                us is as dumb as all of us.
   Security Engineer

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