SPUG: Looking for info on developing programming language parser / lint program

david.ward at philips.com david.ward at philips.com
Tue Nov 25 13:03:34 CST 2003

Can anyone give me any recommendations as to books, module documentation, 
etc that might be helpful on the construction of programming language 
parsers and / or lint programs? 

I've got to write something that is less than a compiler but more than a 
lint program for libraries of test functions which are written in a 
C'ish-styled test tool's scripting language.  I've already created a set 
of PERL programs that extract information from the library function 
headers and declarations to produce a web-server based documentation of 
the testware, but I'd like to extend (or replace) it with something to 
provide more information (dependencies, possible return codes, nesting 
levels, global constant & variable usage, etc) as well as some level of 
"lint" checking.  The lint checking is especially desirable because the 
test tool's own compiler doesn't detect a number of errors and has 
absolutely no warning mechanism for potentially bad usage either.

I've written a parser/compiler once, a long time ago, but it was written 
in FORTH and was for a very specialized (read narrowly focused) 
programming language of my own creation, so it was relatively trivial to 
implement.    I don't mind reading source code (and have been looking at 
some PERL modules such as the syntax highlighter, etc), but I was hoping 
there might be something slightly more toward architecture or 
implementation design of parsers/lint programs than what I've found so 

Dave Ward

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