SPUG: WSA + UCITA (how about WashTech?)

Fred Morris m3047 at inwa.net
Sun Nov 23 14:40:14 CST 2003

Lest anyone forget just who/what the Washington Software Alliance/Association is:


Or try Googling this:


If you're going to mention WSA, you should mention WashTech, who provide training
have meetings, etc. etc.


Fair's fair... of course, they want your money too.

Both of these are different sides of the same coin, and collectively they don't
encompass "what we do".

It's worth noting that the Attorney General here in the State of Washington
lobbied against UCITA as anti-consumer.

I think we need to get past the idea that there's a single "software industry"
or even a lot of cohesion in what's out there... from 30000 feet you can
barely spot a runway unless it's suitable for landing a 747 or the space
shuttle. (In Alaska they land on water, mud, snow, you name it. If your
definition of "airplane" is focused on Boeing/Airbus and the MIC, you're
missing out on a lot.)


Fred Morris
fredm3047 at inwa.net (I-ACK)

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