SPUG: Need list of Perl-on-Windows people

Tim Maher tim at consultix-inc.com
Thu Nov 20 13:15:29 CST 2003

SPUG is periodically asked to help people hook up with others who
are knowledgeable about using Perl on a Windows platform. I just
got another request today, from a guy who has money to spend on
such folks! $-}

If you possess such knowledge, and are not afraid to admit that
to the world 8-}, please add your name and email info to this
page on the Kwiki site:

| Tim Maher, CEO     (206) 781-UNIX      (866) DOC-PERL     (866) DOC-UNIX |
| tim(AT)Consultix-Inc.Com  http://TeachMePerl.Com  http://TeachMeUnix.Com |
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|  Watch for my Manning book: "Minimal Perl for Shell Users & Programmers" |

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