SPUG: complementary groups to SPUG

Michael R. Wolf MichaelRWolf at att.net
Mon Nov 17 12:29:42 CST 2003

Since moving to Seattle last year, I've been fairly narrow in my focus
of professional networking and technical interaction. I'm branching
out a bit more.

Because I have a high affinity for the SPUG group and the SPUG mind
set, I'd be interested to learn what other groups you find useful as a
complement to SPUG. I'm not looking for a replacement (there can't be
one), I really am looking for additions.

I've even posted links on the Wiki to the other ones I've attended:

What other ones have you attended that you'd recommend? That you'd

Michael Wolf

[Let's structure this thread as an open discussion for the general
SPUG community, not just an answer to my question. That way everyone

[For extra credit: add info to the "Other Geekly Stuff" section of the
Wiki (http://spugwiki.perlocity.org/).]

Michael R. Wolf
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