SPUG: Nov. Mtg: Perl Security, Brian Hatch

Tim Maher tim at consultix-inc.com
Thu Nov 13 22:36:41 CST 2003

          November Seattle Perl Users Group Meeting
     Title: Perl Security
   Speaker: Brian Hatch

Meeting Time: Tuesday, Nov. 18, 2003 7-9pm
    Location: SAFECO bldg, Brooklyn St. and NE 45th St.

        Cost: Admission is free and open to the general public.
        Info: http://seattleperl.org/

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About the talk:

Perl has intrinsic features, such as dynamic string handling,
which make it immune to common programming insecurities. However,
this may lead programmers into believing that they can do no
wrong in Perl -- which isn't the case!

Brian will cover a number of best-practices you should use
whenever coding in Perl, such as

* Perl's taint mode
* System/exec in list vs. string mode
* Avoiding race conditions
* Distrusting the user
* Writing programs that run with elevated privileges

About the speaker:

Brian Hatch is the Chief Hacker at Onsight Inc., the author of
Hacking Linux Exposed, and the co-maintainer of stunnel. He
lives in Ballard, Seattle's hottest neighborhood for Open-
Source activity -- and fresh lutefisk!

Pre- and Post- Meeting Activities
The pre-meeting dinner will be at the Cedars restaurant, at 50th
St. and Brooklyn, in the University District, near the Safeco
building where the meeting will take place. The phone number is
527-5247. If you are planning to be there, please enter your name
on the Kwiki RSVP page by 2pm on the meeting day. (NOTE: Arrival
by 5:45pm is recommended for those ordering food).

Those who comply with the RSVP policy, and are therefore
counted in the seating reservation, will have top priority for
seating at the speaker's table.

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