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Pat Eyler pate at eylerfamily.org
Thu Jan 2 12:27:32 CST 2003

I write the occasional book review.  Recently, I asked for a copy of 'LDAP
Programming, Integration, and Management' by Manning Press and was a bit
suprised when they shipped me a couple of copies.  I asked them what to do
with the other one, and they said I should find someone in SPUG that would
write a review of it and pass the extra copy along.

Since I figure there are likely to be a few people that would like a free
book, I thought I'd put together a quick contest to see who gets the free
copy.  I also manage the Koha project (a free software library system), so
I thought I'd tie libraries, LDAP, and maybe even Perl into the contest.

If you'd like to review this book, please send me an idea for using LDAP
within a library system (Patron authentication is already a work in
progress).  You don't need to actaully implement your idea, but the idea
should be clearly defined so that someone can sit down and implement it in
Perl for Koha.

You can send email to me directly if you'd rather not clutter the list.

I'll round up the submissions on 10 Jan 2003, and will work out delivery
terms with the winner.


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