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Is it inappropriate to focus stuff here that's on other Perl mailing
lists (tips-[s]ubscribe at perl.org)?  I put it here because there have
only been 7 of them in the life of the list.

I've been enjoying this Perl Advent Calendar.  Hope you do, too.

[Sorry it's such a late re-posting.  It sat in my bounce box because I
didn't understand about the ess-you-bee (or Seirra Uniform Bravo, to
the ICAO folks) problem with majordomo.  Bummer!!!]

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From: Ask Bjoern Hansen <ask at perl.org>
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Subject: Perl Tip 7: Perl Advent Calendar

Mark Fowler of the London Perl Mongers is again doing a Perl Advent
calendar for the Perl community.


About half of the "doors" are open already, so there is plenty for
you to explore.  Keep checking back every day until the 24th to see
the rest of what Mark will come up with.

Have a great Christmas, or whatever else is appropriate in your
culture.   :-)

 - ask

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