SPUG: How to get pwd (current dir name)?

Brian Hatch spug at ifokr.org
Wed Jan 1 21:31:06 CST 2003

> How may I get the name of the present working directory within Perl,
> similar to the unix `pwd` command?

If you are a fan of backticks:

	my $pwd = `pwd`;
	chomp $pwd;

But as meantioned, Cwd module is a better choice.

> Also, how may I use the mode field from the stat($filename) function
> to test if a file is a directory, similar to -d $filename?

	$blah = stat($filename);
	# do stuff with $blah

	if ( -d _ ) {

The underscore, when used as an argument of '-d' and friends,
means use most recent stat() values, rather than re-stating
them.  So as long as you do no stat's between the $blah
line and the if line, _ will hold the value associated with
$filename.  No addl stat or mode AND (&) mathematics needed.

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