SPUG: new mascot?

El JoPe Magnifico jope-spug at jope.net
Fri Jan 31 14:38:49 CST 2003

> Thane Williams wrote:
>> Perl 6 RFC 343 ( http://dev.perl.org/rfc/343.pod ) suggests that a new
>> non-camel mascot be chosen to represent the Perl community (unless
>> O'Reilley would be willing to freely allow the camel to be used).
On Fri, 31 Jan 2003, Damian Conway wrote:
> O'Reilly are already generally very open to any use of the camel
> that does not compete commercially with their use of it.
> Far more so than the RFC indicates.

But far less than the RFC calls for:  Non-competing != Unrestricted.

Though it should be noted that even the BSD's daemon is technically not
entirely unrestricted, but requires permission for non-personal use:


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