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Brian Hatch spug at ifokr.org
Thu Jan 30 16:37:19 CST 2003

To bring closure to my question, here is a set of modules that
would work both in a mod_perl Apache, and with 'perl -c':

$ cat BriOne.pm
use Apache;
use BriTwo;

$ cat BriTwo.pm
use Apache;

# Stuff to do at module load/compile time
sub dostuff {
	my $s = Apache->server();

# Call it only if Apache->server() is defined.
# This only exists if we're running inside an
# apache process, not on the command line.

dostuff() if eval 'Apache->server()';

$ perl -c BriTwo.pm
BriTwo Syntax OK

$ perl -c BriOne.pm
BriOne Syntax OK

The problem is that Apache->server() returns the name of the
server itself, not based on any request.  This is what I want,
because I want to load some skeleton HTML files off the file
system at module load time.  The files are URL dependent (I
have a prod and a stage server, where the pathnames are

So the hackish eval will catch if Apache->server() works
(discards the value - don't need it) and only calls the
sub if we're actually running.

This means all my 'perl -c' tests are accurate.  Previously
they'd die when they hit this code, and I'd need to check
each module separately.

Thanks to the various folks who responded.

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   Systems and                Constants aren't.
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