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Islandman schieb at centurytel.net
Tue Jan 28 14:39:45 CST 2003

Jim Ludwig wrote:
> Islandman wrote:
> >> Will try again. Expected I was the only one who
> >> did not know the regex for removing all
> >> non-printable characters from a text string,
> >> but haven't got the answer just yet.
> >>
> >> Super-spiffy regex to accomplish this would be
> >> most appreciated.
> I believe there were 2 responses to this
> question.  From my archives I found these 2:
> >From Ben Reser:
>     http://www.fourmilab.ch/webtools/demoroniser/
> >From William Julien:
>     http://www.winfield.demon.nl/index.html

Sorry, misspoke. I did get replies and am grateful but it's not quite
what I'm after. Both of those solutions are for how to deal with WORD
files in their binary form. I'm looking for a way to catch and remove,
or possibly change, the text content of a WORD doc when it is
cut-n-paste from WORD into a web textarea box.

I was hoping there was a regex such as: $text =~

I like to to remove everything that is not a standard printable letter,
number or punctuation. 

Thanks for asking for clarification,


> You could download one or both and look at the
> source code if the tool wasn't an exact fit to
> your problem.
>   jim

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