SPUG:Re: Korn Shell vs. PD-ksh

Michael R. Wolf MichaelRunningWolf at att.net
Fri Jan 24 16:03:39 CST 2003

SPUG-list-owner <tim at consultix-inc.com> writes:


> There's no reason to use the crappy PD-ksh that ships with the free


> Click on "ksh - standalone AT&T ksh executable" at
> http://www.research.att.com/sw/download/

Has anyone done this for a Windows 2000 box?  Yeah, yeah.  Linux.
Unix.  ....  But I've got a W2K laptop.  And what I miss is all that
raw ksh power.  I've been using bash on cygwin, but my fingers/brain
started speaking ksh in '85.

If you've got any suggestions, please reply (on the list or
privately).  I'll summarize any private mail back to the list for
everyone's consumption.


Michael R. Wolf
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