SPUG:Question from Damian's talk on embedded code in regex

Chris Wilkes cwilkes-spug at ladro.com
Fri Jan 17 12:17:52 CST 2003

Having not looked into embedding code into regex before Damian's talk on
Thursday I tried poking around and looking for docs on it, mainly
going off of perlretut's perldoc page.

Then I thought I would look around on the web for it.  Google might be
great, but when you're looking for "embedded code perl regex" you're
getting a lot of junk like "removing embedded newline" and some people
say "regexp" or "regular expressions" or such.  If this process was
somehow named something unique, like "perlembeddedcodeinregex" it would
be easier to search for.  Plus you can't look for things like "?{" on

Anyway I found these items on the Perl6 RFCs from 2000:
Which are about getting rid of the (?{}) construct.

Is this feature going to stick around?  Am I thinking about the wrong
thing, which is highly likely as my brain's still spinning from the

If you were at the talk I'm just trying to remember the syntax for
getting the swiss-prot ID and seeing if that number is less than 1024
and a multiple of 7 and 13.

Finally:  thank you Geospiza for opening the talk up to the public.  If
there's a Karmic Tip Jar out there yours would be full.


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