SPUG:want to help launch microship?

Michael R. Wolf MichaelRunningWolf at att.net
Thu Jan 16 03:07:59 CST 2003

Steve Roberts, a December SPUG speaker is looking for volunteers to
join his newly mounted microship push toward a July 1 launch.  I've
appended a recent email with some techno-teasers.  Dig around at
microship.com to find more.  You could get lost in his decades of
technomadic madness -- he has.

I've set the "reply-to" field so that you can reply directly back to
Steve; make sure it works so you don't follow up here.

    You don't need a face that could launch a thousand ships. (1E3 ships)
    But your interface could help launch a micro ship.        (1E-3 ship)

Have fun,
Michael Wolf, recently-landed technomadic land traveler

"Steven K. Roberts" <wordy at microship.com> writes:

> We're homing in on a final system spec; there will be a few embedded
> packaging jobs, some networking between one or two units of the
> Toshiba e740 class with a hacked iBook in the console, some
> server-side Perl tools to provide tracking and virtual console
> service, hands-on fabrication projects, drivers for things hanging
> on USB-serial interfaces, communication software that can handle
> various modes including ham radio packet, and a variety of front-end
> tools in Squeak along with corresponding database servers (MySQL).
> Lots to do by July 1!
> Cheers and hi to the group,
> Steve

Michael R. Wolf
    All mammals learn by playing!
        MichaelRunningWolf at att.net

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