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Please excuse if this is the wrong list for this
message from the linux community. I couldn't figure out
who or what to send this to cuz the "wcug's president's email address

The grass roots Linuxfest Northwest

(put on by Taclug Kplug Blug Gslug)

is looking for amateur linux users who want
to put a table/booth at the event.
Like the classic science fair type of display.

It's all free to all.

John "Maddog" Hall is coming to hangout
with us and volunteered to be the keynote speaker.

Randal Schwartz (the famous O'Reilly Perl author),
Brian "krow" Aker (senior developer for Slashdot),
Brian Hatch (author of Hacking Linux Exposed),
Chris Negus (author of The RedHat Bible),
to name a few, have also volunteered
to speak.

It's no Comdex but, more of a techno-Woodstock or
grass roots event. It's going to be the best linux fest
ever -Sat April 26th. in Bellingham,Wa. at
the Bellingham Technical College.

Check out the inter-lug info site for a schedule of
speakers and how to help out at:


Please spread the word. This is going to
be a great event for the Linux community.

From: Bill Wright
E-Mail: bwright at az.com
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