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Martin, Asa asa.martin at attws.com
Wed Feb 19 18:39:33 CST 2003

That worked fantastically. I modified it slightly but that is exactly
what I was trying to do. My problem was I didn't think to create a
subroutine and use that as well; I was trying to do it all in the
substitute line. Here is the final code (I use s/// instead of tr and I
added a i to the pod_line regex because my pod2html seems to output
uppercase <STRONG> lines:

sub modname_to_htmlfile { my $mod = shift; $mod =~ s/::/_/g; "$mod.html"

$pod_line =~ s[<strong>(\w+(::\w+)+)</strong>]
              [sprintf '<a

Thank you so much! 


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On Wed, 19 Feb 2003 15:14:37 -0800, asa.martin at attws.com wrote:
>I would like to replace all references to B<Module::Name> in my POD
with <A HREF="Module_Name.html">Module::Name</A>. References to scripts
could occur multiple times per line.
>I tried doing this with a regular expression, but I got stuck. It
seemed difficult to match both two and three levels deep of ::. I
actually think matching an arbitrary number deep would be better. Any

Something like (untested):

sub modname_to_htmlfile { my $mod = shift; $mod =~ tr/:/_/s; "$mod.html"

$pod_line =~ s[<strong>(\w+(::\w+)+)</strong>]
              [sprintf '<a

(assuming you are doing this after pod2html does its stuff).

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