SPUG:My laptop has turned up - at MSFT!

Tim Maher tim at consultix-inc.com
Wed Feb 19 16:44:35 CST 2003


I'm delighted to inform you that my laptop, along with the latest work on
my Perl book and Perl modules (and the backup waiting to be transmitted
over the phone line on the next boot!), has turned up.

Microsoft's "lost and found", in Redmond, has it.  It was turned in by
a janitor, who found it lying around in one of the auditoriums there.

One obvious explanation of its travels would be that the person who
stole it from me at the Dallas airport last week flew home on the same
plane as me, eventually got tired of trying to guess my passwords to
break into it, and ditched it at work.

Given the outrageous abuses I've suffered trying to get Microsoft to
honor contractual commitments to my company (for Damian's services),
and all the other evidence of their atrocities, I can't say I'm surprised
at where it turned up.  But I'm sure glad it did! 8-}

I guess my wife was right after all -- she said my laptop would come
back to me, because of the gravitational pull of my good karma! 8-}

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