SPUG:Child Processes

North, Walter wnorth at state.mt.us
Tue Feb 18 08:29:51 CST 2003

Good morning, 

I'm sure there is a simple answer for this but
for some reason, not excluding plain old stupidity, 
it seems to elude me.

I have a script that releases a varying number of other scripts.

I am trying to make the parent wait until all the children finish,
 but other then the brute force method of looping thru watching the 
processes in the process list while looking for a key phrase I have 
not been able to make the parent wait for all the children to finish.

It seems to me there must a better way of doing this.

In Korn shell you can put in a wait statement after releasing the
children and all is well, but perl does not seem to have a simple

I've tried assorted methods with no success so far.  The Perl
books leave me baffled on this.

Would some kind person please give me a hint or some such.

Thanks in Advance.

Walter North 406-444-2914 
Operating Systems Programmer 
wnorth at state.mt.us

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