SPUG:using DBI::fetchrow_array(); to load another array

Marc M. Adkins Marc.M.Adkins at Doorways.org
Mon Feb 10 16:06:58 CST 2003

Surprise, surprise.  Now why didn't I know this?  It's there plain as day in
the doc (which maybe I should have read or something).  So it's PostgreSQL,
not the DBI driver that is the culprit.

It turns out to be:

	UPDATE "my_table" SET "a" = 5;

per the PostgreSQL manual.  Not that I would ever do that...way too much
trouble...in the future I'll just use lower-case names like the manual

And as I remember, in Microsoft Access it's:

	UPDATE [my_Table] SET [Alpha] = 5;

or something like that.  Though I'm probably wrong there as well.

Oh, the horror!  And SQL is like a standard, isn't it?  ;)


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> Marc,
> 	I was under the impression that PostgreSQL just used lower
> case field names
> unless they were quoted.  I think that if you had a field name that was
> defined as 'UPPER' (as apposed to UPPER) it would be UPPER when returned
> from DBI.
> Thanks,
> Peter Darley
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> > One note I'd add to this:
> >
> > The hash keys are case sensitive, so you have to pay attention to the
> > case of the field labels ... or do a 'select Blah as blah' in your
> > query.  This has tripped me up a couple times where one field name was
> > all caps when the rest of the table's fields were lower.
> This is particularly important with PostgreSQL.  The current pgSQL DBI
> driver (or the database itself, but I think it's the driver) forgets the
> case of the column names.  They all come back lowercase, which means you
> must either use lowercase when designing your database or handle the
> translation everywhere in your code.
> mma
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