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Tim Maher tim at consultix-inc.com
Mon Feb 3 13:31:02 CST 2003

> Tim,
> SPUG members might be interested in the next meeting of array(bio). At 
> the December meeting SPUG members were the
> largest group of participants. Would you pass this on if you think it is 
> appropriate?
> Eric

I do, and I did!

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Mission Statement
array(bio) provides a forum for biologists, biochemists, software 
developers and business people to network and
exchange information about the emerging field of bioinformation. Our 
meetings cover topics of general interest to the
creation and development of software tools and systems for biological 
and biochemical discovery.

Next Meeting
Date: February 11, 2002 New! Networking: 6:00PM to 7:00PM
Presentations: 7:00PM to 9:00PM

Managing Mountains of Data

Rapid scientific advances in biochemistry, molecular biology, cell 
biology, immunology, genetics and information technology are
transforming drug and diagnostic discovery and development and paving 
the way for more effective, personalized treatments.
These dramatic advances in science have created pressing needs for new 
systems and tools for managing and mining vast amounts
of experimental and clinical data.

array(bio) is pleased announce our presenters for the evening; David 
Morris from the Dept of Biochemistry at the UW,
Roger Bumgarner from the Dept of Microbiology at the UW and Seamus Ragan 
from the Dept of Molecular Screening at Amgen.

Our presenters will discuss the role information technology plays in 
Managing Mountains of Data.

Lake Washington Rowing Club:
910 N. Northlake Way
Seattle, WA 98103

About our Presenters:
Dr. Roger Bumgarner.
Dr. Bumgarner received his Ph.D. from the University of Arizona in 
chemistry, and did postdoctoral studies at the California Institute of
Technology in geology and planetary sciences and in biology.

Bioinformatics. During the past four years, my research group has 
focused on the development of software and databases to analyze and
store microarray data. We have developed tools for image analysis, 
normalization, statistical analysis of replica data and the selection of
differentially expressed genes. In addition, we have developed a 
database to store and publish microarray data. Current research interests
in this area are centered around the development of improved pattern 
recognition algorithms and the integrated storage and analysis of
various forms of functional genomic data (expression array, proteomics, 
translation state array, sequence data etc.).

Dr. David Morris
David Morris is Professor of Biochemistry at the University of 
Washington. After finishing his undergraduate studies in 1961 at U.C.L.A.,
Dr. Morris went on to graduate work leading to the Ph.D. degree in 1964 
at the University of Illinois, Urbana, and postdoctoral research
at Princeton University. He joined the faculty of the University of 
Washington in 1966. His research interests focus on mechanisms of
translational control of gene expression in eukaryotic cells.

Dr. Seamus Ragan

Seamus leads Amgen's department of biomolecular screening. Seamus's area 
of expertise is turning raw data into
usable information in high and low throughput screening.

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