SPUG: cp --recursive --preserve ftp-site1/* ftp-site2/

Asim Jalis asim at pair.com
Wed Dec 17 17:01:44 CST 2003

Chris Wilkes wrote:
> Michael R. Wolf wrote:
> > I'm trying to replicate the entire directory structure of one
> > ftp site on another ftp site. I only have FTP access to the
> > sites, no shell-level login.
> Look into ncftpget / ncftpput
>   http://www.ncftpd.com/
>   ftp://ftp.ncftp.com/ncftp/binaries/ncftp-3.1.6-win32.exe
> Should't you use Net::FTP anyway? :)

A solution which requires almost no programming, would be to use
wget, which contains a --mirror option. 

Since you don't have shell access, first you should write a tiny
shell script, update_site, which invokes wget with the
appropriate options (see the wget man page) and echoes a "done"
message. Next upload this script into the cgi-bin directory of
the receiving site (using FTP). Finally type the URL of the cgi
script into your favorite browser, and wait for the done message.


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