SPUG: GSLUG Meeting This Saturday: Knoppix and CVS

Ken Meyer kmeyer at blarg.net
Thu Dec 11 02:12:57 CST 2003

The next Greater Seattle Linux User Group (GSLUG) meeting will be on
Saturday, December 13th. It starts promptly at 10:00 AM at the
North Seattle Community College Campus, Room IB 3319.  Parking is
free on weekends.  For directions, agenda, and lecturer bios, please
visit the GSLUG monthly meetings web page at:


The topics will be as follows:

        * 10:00am - Knoppix: Installing This Bootable CD to the Hard Drive
                            by Harvey Friedman

    Knoppix is a bootable Linux CD that is useful for any occasion -- useful
    as a rescue CD, showing potential converts how cool Linux is, when
    stuck in an Internet cafe and don't want to use Windows... It doesn't
    or require a hard drive to function, so it can be safely used on any
    machine, and has excellent hardware detection support.

    However, Knoppix can also be installed to a hard drive if you want.
    will show us how. Great for helping out your poor Windows brethren.

       * 11:15am - Introduction to CVS/Cervisia
                           by Fred Morris

    CVS is a revision control system, which means it lets you track and
    to old versions of a document. As a long-time user of DEC CMS, CVS seems
    pretty rough around the edges; but the KDE/Konqueror plug-in is pretty


      + What is CVS for?

      + Setting up a workspace

      + Cervisia is pretty cool, eh?

      + Removing a workspace

      + Pitfalls when setting up a repository

      + Pitfalls when setting up a project

    Fred says: "Although I know a lot about configuration management
    and version control, I know next to nothing about CVS (except that the
    Cervisia thing is cool).  I'll bring a box and we can screw up CVS
    as a collective effort."


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The overall GSLUG meeting schedule is as follows:

 10:00 AM - Lecture #1

 11:00 AM - Break

 11:10 AM - GSLUG and Event Announcements

 11:15 AM - Lecture #2

 12:15 PM - Break

 12:30 PM - Raffle Quiz
                    Raffle prizes giveaway

 12:45 PM

     * Other Announcements and News from Attendees

     * Receive requests for assistance and enlist attendees
        to help those who requested assistance

 1:00 PM-ish - Formal meeting is adjourned;
                        "Help/Gab Session" begins

     * Informal PGP key signing

     * Install fest/assistance

     * Chatting, blathering, etc, etc

 4:00 PM - End of meeting

------------------------------- 30 ----------------------------

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