SPUG: C is a scripting language???

Michael R. Wolf MichaelRWolf at att.net
Sun Dec 7 16:57:11 CST 2003

Brian Hatch <bri at ifokr.org> writes:

>> The following alerg made me wonder/snicker....
>>     ... Many sites use Perl as their scripting language, but our
>>     company chose C because we felt it was more flexible in the long
>>     term. ... <http://webdesign.about.com/library/weekly/aa040698.htm>
> If you read the rest of the page, you'll see that this person
> is very enlightened and believes in programming for multiple
> browsers.  She has netscape 1.0 => 4.04 and IE 3 and 4!
> Very up to date!
> Perhaps this was written a while back...

I got the alert *recently*, so I /assumed/ that she was very
interested in backwards compatibility. In that respect, she *is* very
up to date. I like robust applications, and admire folks that keep
their users in mind enough to test it so thoroughly.

But you could be right -- it may have just been harvested recently,
but written a while ago.


> My first CGIs were all in C. I wrote some great stuff in it,
> including huge dynamic, authenticated, threaded message board sites
> back in 1995.

A Model T is pretty cool, especially in historical perspective. I like
FM music and cruise control.

> Then again, I can write those same CGIs now in 60 lines of perl...

The "swiss army chain saw of the internet" triumphs again. Would you
like some ginsu knives with that purchase, guru?

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