SPUG: OO Perl object backrefrence question

Peter Darley pdarley at kinesis-cem.com
Thu Sep 19 15:02:29 CDT 2002

	I have taken a look at the weaken() function, and have a further question
about it.
	I want to use it in my objects, but I would also like to store the objects
to a database via the Apache::Session mechanism and reuse them during a
session (so I don't have to do all the complex db queries required to build
the objects every time).
	My question is this:  Will an object that comes back from stored still have
references to it's parent weaken()ed?  I took a look at how Dumper() deals
with it and it doesn't seem to weaken() the references that it gives back,
so I'm worried.  I don't know how to tell how the reference comes back from
being stored (weak or not).

Peter Darley

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There's an article by Matt Sergeant on Perl.com right now that covers
exactly this.


Basically it shows how to pass a parent object to a child without creating a
circular reference.

-- Ryan

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