SPUG: Perl and setting environment variables

Timm Gleason timm at gleason.to
Tue Sep 10 14:37:55 CDT 2002

I see that there a explicit tools for importing and manipulating
environment variables with Perl, but I need to set them from with a Perl
script and have them passed to all subsequent child processes and shells
that may be executed just as if they were set before the script was

It was recommended that I use a shell script to set all the EVs and then
invoke the Perl script, however, I do not have all the EV values until
after the script is executed.

I have set them in the script

$ENV{"BuildNumber"} = $BuildNumber;

but when I execute a command outside of the script, such as with a
system(), the EVs do not get inherited by the child process.

Tuesday, September 10 2002
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