SPUG: installing perl mysql DBD - need C compiler?

Meryll Larkin humbaba9 at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 21 18:19:05 CDT 2002


Greetings SPUGsters,

I recently set up an Apache Web server on Red Hat Linux and I'm hoping
someone can help me with some advice on how to get Perl and MySQL to
work together on it.  

step 1.  I'm successfully serving Perl-CGI (and static HTML) web pages.
step 2.  I installed MySQL and I can successfully view and update the
MySQL database on the mysql> command line.

step 3 failed:
I copied a script I had working on Windows Apache with MySQL and Active
Perl (which works with the databases I already tested on Red Hat). 
This did not work.  

Do I need a C compiler (gcc?) on my server in order to get MySQL and
Perl to communicate?  Or rather to run the "make" for the various

I spent a day on the Web at CPAN and MySQL yesterday, reading
documentation, downloading and installing .rpm files (DBI modules, DBD
modules) that are supposed to work with Perl-MySQL, DBI-DBD-MySQL,
Perl-DBI-DBD-MySQL.  I continued to get an error message (running the
Web page from the command line) saying that I am probably missing a
driver for MySQL.  It doesn't seem to be finding or using files I
installed, although they are in @INC.  The web-page generating script
works fine until it gets to the DBI->connect  line (run time error).  I
have Carp and DynaLoader in the @INC path.

I finally tried installing Perl 5.8 (I was using 5.6) and Makefile.PL
worked, but "make" gave me 
  gcc: command not found  
and did not complete.

For security I started out with a very stripped-down installation of
RedHat7.2 to build this server.  I'm thinking I stripped down too much.
 Because "make" seems to require the C compiler.

Can I "make" the files on my development Linux box and then secure copy
them to my Apache server or do they need to "make" on the same machine
where they will be working?

When I run a script to find out what DBI drivers I have installed, it
lists mSQL, mysql, and Mysql (like I said, I spent a day on CPAN)....

Other suggestions?  


Meryll Larkin

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