SPUG: Oct. Meeting: Intro to Perl and SPUG

Tim Maher tim at consultix-inc.com
Mon Oct 14 22:28:57 CDT 2002


    In addition to the topics listed below, I'd like to exhibit some
 interesting beginner-level "one-liners" provided by audience members,
 so please come prepared with your favorites.

    Also, if anybody would like to do a lighting talk on a Beginner's
level topic, you're welcome to do so.  In other words, I won't need all
the time for myself, so I'll be happy to share! 8-}


         October 2002 Seattle Perl Users Group Meeting

   Speaker: Dr. Tim Maher, of Consultix, Inc.
            tim at teachmeperl.com, www.teachmeperl.com

      Time: Tuesday, October 15, 2002 7-9pm
  Location: SAFECO bldg, Brooklyn St. and NE 45th St.

      Cost: Admission is free and open to the general public.
      Info: http://seattleperl.org/

  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

    Title: "Introduction to Perl and SPUG"

Topics to be covered:
        - History of Perl 
        - Benefits of Perl
        - The People of Perl
        - Resources for Learning Perl
        - Intro. to Programming in Perl
        - Questions and Answers

        - History of SPUG
        - Great Moments in SPUGgery
        - Call for PartiSPUGation

About the Speaker:
Tim Maher has been teaching people how to use UNIX and its related
languages since 1980, first as a university professor of computer
science, later as a corporate trainer for the Bell System's
Western Electric division, and since 1986 as the founder and CEO
of Consultix, Inc. (one of the "Big Three" Perl training companies).

Tim is also the founder and leader of SPUG, which has been recognized
as one of the best Perl Users Groups on the planet.  This recognition
led to Tim being recently honored with the "White Camel" award,
and being interviewed by The Perl Foundation and perl.com.

Come to Tuesday's meeting and find out what's so great about Perl
and SPUG!

Pre- and Post- Meeting Activities
The recommended pre-meeting diner is the Cedars restaurant,
at 50th St. and Brooklyn, in the University District, near the
Safeco building where the meeting will take place. The phone
number is 527-5247. If you're planning to be there, please post a
message to the list with your expected arrival time (5:30-5:45pm
is recommended).

As usual, those seeking liquid input before (and after) the
meeting are invited to congregate at the Bigtime Brewery and
Alehouse.  See the web-site for more details.

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