SPUG: Got Job!

Geoffrey & Kristin Grosenbach glyph at mac.com
Thu Oct 3 20:07:12 CDT 2002

I'm now into my third day at a new job working exclusively with Perl and 
Linux! The pay is lousy, but I'm having a lot of fun and am working on 
some great projects, however disorderly they may be.

Before this I thought everyone was deluded when they talked about 
massive, unreadable spaghetti Perl projects, but now I'm working in one! 
Seriously, most of the people there learned Perl while writing these 
projects, so hopefully I can use some of my software design experience 
to re-design their modules and save myself and my co-workers a lot of 
work (laziness...impatience...hubris...).

Thanks to everyone on this list for the ideas you toss around here! It's 
helped me improve my Perl a lot.


p.s. Hopefully I haven't ticked off any co-workers who might be reading 
this list (and recognize me), but even so, they're a great bunch and I 
think we'll have a lot of fun.

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