SPUG: Perldoc book

Fred Morris m3047 at inwa.net
Tue Nov 26 20:18:12 CST 2002

The Perl Bookshelf CD is the tang on your file; the hammer to your primer;
the spliv with your shiv; the beryl to your big bang. It's the thing, it's
the thang.

Sounds like an advertisement, and I guess it is. I only have version 2.0..
is there a 3.0?

It's 5 books, and searchable, for cryin' out load. The meat and the meeting.

Michael Wolf wrote:
>Creede Lambard <creede at penguinsinthenight.com> writes:
>> You're thinking of the Perl Bookshelf CD, which I have around here
>                         ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>> somewhere but haven't looked at in forever and can't remember what-all
>> is on it. The PRK came with two books, each about the thickness of
>                ^^^
>> "Learning Perl" or slightly thicker, collectively called "Perl Module
>> Reference". (I dug it out and looked. :) I don't THINK the Module
>> Reference was on the CD (in its own right and not as the perldoc
>> included in the modules), but I could be mistaken about that.
>It wasn't clear to me that you meant two separate items:
>  "Perl CD Bookshelf" and,
>   PRK, "Perl Resource Kit".

Not much gravy, but plenty of sustenance.

(When Cronenberg's _Naked Lunch_ comes out on the Voyager CD-ROM series,
I'm buyin' it! DVD? nah.)


Fred Morris
m3047 at inwa.net

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