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Michael R. Wolf MichaelRunningWolf at att.net
Mon Nov 25 21:47:04 CST 2002

Creede Lambard <creede at penguinsinthenight.com> writes:

> You're thinking of the Perl Bookshelf CD, which I have around here
> somewhere but haven't looked at in forever and can't remember what-all
> is on it. The PRK came with two books, each about the thickness of
> "Learning Perl" or slightly thicker, collectively called "Perl Module
> Reference". (I dug it out and looked. :) I don't THINK the Module
> Reference was on the CD (in its own right and not as the perldoc
> included in the modules), but I could be mistaken about that.

It wasn't clear to me that you meant two separate items: 
  "Perl CD Bookshelf" and,
   PRK, "Perl Resource Kit".  

I've done some cut/paste from www.orielly.com

  - Perl Resource Kit -- Unix Edition

I remember waiting for its 1997 release.  It never had a second
edition.  It had 4 books in a bookcase box:
    1.   Perl Utilities Guide
    2.   Programming with Perl Modules          
    3-4. Perl Module Reference (2 books)

  - Perl CD Bookshelf, Version 3.0

I still have Version 1.0, which was never intended to run from a hard
disk, since hard disk sizes weren't big enough to suck up entire CD's
at the time.  O'Reilly had a hack that allowed me to install it on
a laptop, once disk drives grew big enough to run them locally.  It
has 7 books on the CD, and one paperback version:
    1.   second edition of Perl in a Nutshell (paperback version included), 
    2-3. the third editions of Learning Perl and Programming Perl, 
    4.   the Perl Cookbook
    5.   Perl & XML,
    6.   Perl & LWP
    7.   Mastering Perl/Tk.

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