SPUG: less noisy spot for after-meet gathering?

Michael R. Wolf MichaelRunningWolf at att.net
Sun Nov 24 23:01:51 CST 2002

m3047 at inwa.net (Fred Morris) writes:

> I've been to three SPUG meetings now, and two of the after-meeting
> gatherings at Finn MacKool's (not to be confused with the McCool of
> Apache fame, I'm sure).
> My understanding about the choice of Finn's was that it was less
> crowded/noisy than the Big Time. 

The first time we tried it, it was.  But it was only open for a week
at the time.  The juke box quarters have found this acoustically live


Having only attended 2 more meetings than you, I was about ready to
suggest that we drop the beer in favor of quiet.  Or possibly split
into two groups -- talking and drinking.

   There's a buble tea place up the street.
   This *is* Seattle.  We should be able to find a coffee house

I'd actually prefer conversation over beer.  But hey, I'm a big
proponent of a "both" solution.

While we're looking, I'll throw in my vote for smoke-free.  It was
really the noise-smoke combination that was getting me ready to
propose an alternative.


Michael R. Wolf
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