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Brian Hatch spug at ifokr.org
Thu Nov 21 19:23:16 CST 2002

> I believe that at one time the Perl Resource Kit from O'Reilly had a
> bound copy of most of the manual documentation, but I haven't looked for
> a while.

Did it, or did it just have some of the standard books, and
the perldoc stuff on CD?

> My guess is that the reason no one does this is because it would go out
> of date so incredibly quickly. It would also be huge, and would include
> a lot of unusable stuff (ever seen a module where the documentation is
> something like "I intend to document this some day"??).


As to a previous supposition that the manuals may be copyrighted,
don't they fall under the license of the perl module itself, and
thus are probably GPL or Artistic License/etc?  Which means you
should be able to print and sell them just fine.

(At least any of the modules installed with Perl are certainly
going to be some form of Open Source/Free licensing.)

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