SPUG: Reference to a hash

Martin, Asa asa.martin at attws.com
Thu Mar 21 22:57:25 CST 2002

Jim describes exactly what was happening. Changing \%hash to {%hash} made it
work correctly. 

Thank you very much.


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  What may be happening to you is that you're assigning \%hash to the HoH,
  then undef-ing %hash later on. This is similar to the common references
  mistake is something along the lines of

      while (my $line = <STDIN>) {
        %hash = my_func($line);
        $things{$key} = \%hash;

  Only to find later that the hash references all contain the same data!
  It's because they're all references to the same hash, the one that was
  constructed in the last iteration through the loop.

  What you really want is an anonymous hashref, rather than a reference to
  a specific named hash. One way to get that is the loop that you have
  below. Another way is to just say

      $HoH{$key}{$heading} = {%hash};

  This creates a new, anonymous hash with the same keys/values as %hash.

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