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Yitzchak Scott-Thoennes sthoenna at efn.org
Fri Jul 26 11:44:37 CDT 2002

In article <003401c2343f$c8bcde00$94c54618 at gv.shawcable.net>,
Ken Clarke <kenslinux at shaw.ca> wrote:
>...  So, I
>> set out to undo the ancient script.  The reason I need the unique answer
>> that only one combination can be "packed" back to the correct 5 character
>> alphanumeric string.
>    Ahhh, that's what you mean by unique!
>  Mark Yocom provided the solution I needed by
>> essentially figuring out the logic the first guy used to encode the string
>> I think).
>    Red flag (the "I think" part :).  Why don't you cut and paste the
>encoding portion of the script (assuming it doesn't contain sensitive or
>proprietary information) so that we can verify that Mark's algorithm chooses
>the correct one from the result set?  After all, that one example produced
>13 WRONG number combinations, and the fact that it got the example right may
>just be coincidental.

I think that algorithm will always give the solution that has B and C
as digits, not letters.  If this is known to be always the case, the
algorithm is ok.

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