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On Thu, Jul 25, 2002 at 06:52:45PM -0400, Orr, Chuck  (NOC) wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> This request has spurred a lot of interest.  I have had a couple requests to
> post more information.  So, here is the whole story:
> ... have probably learned more in this one day of reading email responses
> than in any other single day.  (With the obvious exception of Dr. Tim
> Maher's Consultix Courses).  

<Tim-GRIN>  Thanks for the plug! 8-} 

FYI, this week I'm working on converting the U.S.A.F. in NC to using Perl
for many of their military operations (could tell you more, but then
I'd have to ... you know!), and they are totally awestruck at how cool
Perl is, and how much money they will save on licensing fees for Excel,
SAS, Oracle, etc. when they make the switch.  So there's hope for the
US Govt., and the war effort! 8-}

>      I really appreciate everyone's interest and kindness.  I received over
> 30 responses and no one made me feel the least bit stupid for asking this
> question (which I was hesitant to post).  Thank You!
> Chuck Orr

Well, you're just confirming the validity of the old Klingon saying:
If you want to be humiliated, castigated, and vanquished in the glory
of open combat, post to comp.lang.perl.misc.

If you want to be helped by anonymous hackers you'll never meet, post
your problem to beginners.perl.org, or perlmonks.org.

But if you want instant help from people you can actually shake hands
with and buy beer for at the next SPUG meeting, post to the spug-list!

Chuck, what you're discovering is that SPUGsters are the most awesome
Perl practitioners on the planet!  That's why we have over 400 people on our
mailing list, compared to the relatively puny 30-80 of the other groups!

Even *The Damian* reads our list! 8-}  (albeit primarily for altruistic,
not self-serving purposes).

Please tell your managers over there at AT&T/WS how much SPUG rocks,
and that they can help support SPUG by sponsoring some of our activities.

My #1 priority at the moment is obtaining funds for plane-fare and
hotel accommodations to support a proposed one-week visit by Mark-Jason
Dominus to speak to us in September or October.  The expected cost is
around $1.5k, and the expected benefit is about $300 to each of the 70
people I expect to attend a single talk (and we'll probably have several),
which comes to a $21,000 value!  Not a bad bargain!

Any companies that want to help in this effort, are invited to contact
spug at seattle.perl.org for details!  A free "sponsor acknowledgment"
on the SPUG web-page is in it for you, along with an obvious mass
transfusion of additional Perl knowledge to your employees!

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