SPUG Talk Topics? (was Re: SPUG: White Camel Award?)

Dan Sanderson lists at dansanderson.com
Thu Jul 25 03:22:54 CDT 2002

On Wed, 24 Jul 2002, Andrew Sweger wrote:

> Ahem. Perhaps you missed Damian's talk about Perl6::.* There's no need to
> wait for Perl 6 to start using it under perl 5 now.

Are there more than just the six feature modules and the Bundle::Perl6?
It is neat to recognize how much of Perl 6 we already have in Perl 5, and
the Perl6::.* modules bridge some gaps, but it still seems too far away to
really know what it'll be like to live with.

When I've tried to broach the subject with folks since Damian's Perl 6
class last week, reactions have ranged from passive interest ("I won't
really care until it's available, but that's interesting") to averse
disinterest ("Ick! It's sounds so different from Perl 5, we'll never have
a reason to use it!").  All such reactions are understandable-- unless
you're involved in Perl 6's development, it's mostly academic-- but it
seems like continued discussion, and maybe even a little evangelism, is
called for.  Making Perl 6 a more concrete subject through discussion of
the design details will foster support and interest in Perl 6's
development, and facilitate adoption when the language is ready for use.
The Perl6::.* modules help make the ideas seem more concrete, though
possibly only for those already very interested in the ideas.

There are probably more practical topics of equal interest for SPUG talks,
I was just throwing it out there.  (And I'm not volunteering, either.  :)

-- Dan

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