SPUG: Perl and OO and Unit Testing

Kirby Krueger kirbyk at Idiom.com
Mon Jul 22 15:38:07 CDT 2002

At 11:54 AM 7/22/02, dancerboy wrote:

>Also, remember that no language is perfect (no, not even Perl!  ;-) 
>Sometimes you have to "fight" the language a little bit to do things 
>right:  so just because something is "un-Perlish" doesn't necessarily mean 
>that it's wrong.  Personally, I consider Java to be the closest thing to a 
>"perfect" computer language yet invented, with Perl being a close 
>second.  So whenever I can "twist" Perl to behave more like Java, I do 
>so.  It may not be "Perl-ish", but so what?  I consider Java-esque Perl to 
>be *better* than Perl-ish Perl.

One of the best things about perl, and the "There's more than one way to do 
it" philosophy, is that it values the mind of the programmer.  An 
underrated kind of efficiency is how easy it is for the programmer to work 
with the language - often, an extra hour of the programmer's time is worth 
quite a bit more than an extra few seconds of run-time.  (And sometimes 
not, of course.)  So, better is very much in the eye of the beholder - what 
fits your brain more is clearly better for you.  (The downside is when 
other people have to maintain your code.  Perl is notorious for catering to 
quirky coders.)

-- Kirby

(P.S. Just moved to Seattle, looking for Perl-heavy jobs.  Send private 
email if you have any leads, I'd be most appreciative!)

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