Data Bomb (was SPUG: Time::Like::Loops idea)

Jonathan Gardner jgardn at
Sun Jul 21 01:38:12 CDT 2002

On Saturday 20 July 2002 05:55 pm, Adam Monsen wrote:
> E=mc^2 says we can trade matter for energy with the speed of light
> remaining constant, correct? So, if we consider matter to be something
> like hard disk space and energy to be something like CPU cycles, the two
> are roughly interchangeable whilst processing speed (c) remains
> constant. This would lead me to believe that some kind of caching is
> being done, and hard disk space is being interchanged with CPU cycles.
> It would appear to the casual observer that we are actually reducing the
> number of CPU cycles by increasing processing speed, but processing
> speed _must_ be constant.

If the density of certain types of data exceed some threshold, then it could 
cause a reaction that will produce tremendous amounts of CPU cycles 
temporarily, destroying data in a large area.

Or, in other words, someone could create a virus that could infect your hard 
drive and turn it into a bomb...

Jonathan Gardner
jgardn at

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