SPUG: Locating shtml files in multiple directories

Can Subaykan cansubaykan at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 18 10:39:55 CDT 2002

Hi Susanne,

check out the File::Find module


do something like this (not tested):

use File::Find;

my $dir = "/whatever/directory/you/want";
my @the_files;

find(\&get_shtmls, $dir);

sub get_shtmls {

   push @the_files, $File::Find::name if /\.shtml$/;

   # in here, $_ is the name of the file (something.shtml)
   # and $File::Find::name is the full path to that file
   # "/whatever/directory/you/want/and/further/inside/something.shtml


then you can do something with the array of filenames, or instead of 
building an array, you can open a log file and print the list to that file


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I know how to search for shtml files within one directory.  How would I do
this for all directories from the base directory out?


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