SPUG: Odd thing happening - possibly perl/cgi related

Sweethomes sweetsue at sweethomes.com
Fri Jul 12 14:27:46 CDT 2002

Hello all - and thank you for the previous help.  Got it all working very

I have another question that perhaps is perl related, I'm not certain.

Has anyone run across this scenario:

Using browser A, filling out form A, processing through perl program A -
each time, the next page shows there was a possible DNS error, so you back
and press submit again and then it goes through fine.  Then using browser B,
filling out form A, processing through perl program A - it goes through
without a hitch each time.

It's the most oddball thing and I can't seem to shake the feeling that
perhaps there is something going on with the perl program.  Any ideas?

Susanne Bullo, Developer              Web Dev Design

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