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Off the top I find this line suspect:
for($num = 0; $num <= 100; $num += 1) # note there is no opening curly brace
I don't know how perl treats this; very early on I learned to use braces
even if I have only one statement in the conditional and have never quest
the convention, so it just leaped out at me.

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Not sure if this went through - resending:

Scratching my head over this one.  All I want is to read the upper
directory, list out the files names and then print the results with
numbering to a file.  Here is what I have:


opendir(DIR, "../");
@files = readdir(DIR);
for($num = 0; $num <= 100; $num += 1)
foreach $name (@files) {
if(-d $name){}elsif($name eq "." || $name eq ".."){}else{
print(RDIR, "$num | $name\n");}}

I've got the worst headcold in my personal history and I'm thinking that my
brain just is not functioning.  If anyone can clear this up for me, I'd
appreciate it!

Happy 4th of July to all!

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