SPUG: Free Seat Drawing #1 Wednesday

Tim Maher tim at consultix-inc.com
Mon Jul 1 19:20:58 CDT 2002


I'm back from YAPC::NA in St. Louis, and full of Perl/Open-Source spirit!
(This is Tim Maher speaking.)

I'd be happy to tell you all about the conference during the customary
beer festivals taking place before and after the next SPUG meeting,
but right now, I want to remind you of a few salient points that we all
need to keep in mind:

1) The Perl Foundation has done our community a fantastic service by
funding The Damian, and more recently The Larry and The Dan, to entertain,
enlighten, and intrigue Perl mongers, embellish Perl 5, and invent Perl 6.
And we can thank the talented but humble Kevin Lenzo for making much of
that happen.  (NOTE: *ONE GUY* made a big difference here!)

2) The Perl community needs your support!  This is like public TV; if
you don't cough up some bucks during Pledge Breaks, then you're doomed
to watching Ozzie Osbourne drooling on himself or Gilligan making a
fool of himself on the commercial channels, and you might never see Red
Dwarf, BlackAdder, Rumple of the Bailey, Are You Being Served, Keeping
up Appearances, or Dr. Who again (well, granted, Iron Chef will still
be worth watching on commercial TV, but little else).

This is your world; how do you want it configured?  You have the power
to make a difference!

3) As indicated earlier, there will be a drawing on 7/3 to
award some free one-day seats in Damian's upcoming "Advanced Perl
Workshop" (http://teachmeperl.com/apworkshop.html) to those who've
contributed through SPUG to The Perl Foundation by 5pm 7/3 (see
http://teachmeperl.com/apworkshop.html#Raffle for details).

What's new is that, participation permitting, there will be a second
drawing for up to two more seats held on Wednesday, 7/10, for those
whose contributions of at least $50 are received after 5pm on 7/3 but
before 5pm on 7/10.

To make it easy to get those contributions in on time, we'll accept
charge-card payments as well as checks to TPF delivered by snail-mail to
POB 70563, Seattle WA 98107, or courier to Consultix, 1753 NW 62nd. St.,
Seattle 98107.

If you want to contribute by charge-card, please provide the following
information via FAX to 206-784-7475 or voice-mail to 206-781-8649 (for
security, we recommend against Emailing this information):

	Card Type (Visa, Mastercard, etc.)
	Cardholder Name
	Card Billing Address
	Cardholder Phone
	Card Number
	Exp. Date

Thus far, we've only got *four contenders* for the two seats we'll
be awarding on 7/3, who've made donations ranging from $6 to $40.
The number of chances to win is directly proportional to the number of
dollars donated, so that one guy is way out in the lead with superior odds.

Wouldn't you like a crack at this contest?   As things currently stand,
by contributing a measly $40+ bucks, you'd have an excellent chance of
winning a $275 seat in a class with one of the foremost Perl experts
on the planet!  Who might not, by the way, be such a frequent visitor
to America in the near future.

4) There will be several social events surrounding the visit of The
Damian, providing lots of opportunities to interact with him in a casual
context.  As the details are firmed up, I'll be posting the particulars
to the SPUG website, seattleperl.org.

5) Damian's new conference show-stopper talk, "Time::Space::Continuum"
(see http://teachmeperl.com/tsc_review.html) is another mind-blower, like
Quantum Superpositions, so please be sure to reserve the 7-9pm slot on
7/16 to hear him speak!  (See seattleperl.org for details.)

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