SPUG: Re: Shared colocation?

John Cokos jcokos at iwebsoftware.com
Tue Feb 26 12:28:51 CST 2002

You know rackspace has some nice lowend servers from $99/month
now.... I've been an RS Customer since they opened their doors
(Customer #39).  See what they can do about downgrading you


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  Right now I'm using rackspace.com for hosting, and I'd like to switch to
  a local provider to (hopefully) lower my costs.  Would anyone here be
  interested in sharing a rack or a half-rack at a local colo facility?
  Or does anyone know of people doing this already who have space

  I'll admit this is slightly off-topic for SPUG, but I need my own
  machine for mod_perl and to configure perl exactly the way I want it (no
  asking tech support for module installations, etc.). 

   - James Moore
     james at banshee.com

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