SPUG: backticks, system, and ImageMagick

Richard Wood wildwood_players at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 25 14:14:57 CST 2002

I am a unix kind of guy trying to function in a win98

I am having a problem with backticks and I am looking
for new ideas on what it could be.

I am running in a MSDOS window trying to execute some
ImageMagick commands from perl.  The path to the
ImageMagick bin directory in included in my PATH
environment variable.  I can issue all of the
ImageMagick commands from the command line (mogrify,
identify, composite, and montage and they all return
the usage for the command.  When I write a very simple
script such as:

perl -e "print `mogrify`;"

I get the usage only if I use mogrify, or convert.  If
I try identify, composite, or montage, I get nothing.

On the other hand, if I write:

perl -e "system(montage);"

it works and returns the usage for all of the
commands, but I guess I can't capture the output in an
array in my perl when I use system, right?

I have tried using the full path to the executable and
it still doesn't work.  

Could some of the commands be writing to something
other than STDOUT? like STDERR?

I would appreciate any ideas.

Richard O. Wood
Wildwood IT Consultants, Inc.
wildwood_players at yahoo.com

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