SPUG: Perl virtual machine browser plugins

Asim Jalis asimjalis at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 25 13:32:58 CST 2002

> Curl might be your solutions. I know very little
> about it, but it is plug-in based and allows you
> to send sophisticated code to the browser.
> http://www.curl.com/html/

Curl has two main problems: First it is another
attempt by the MIT/New England crowd to sneak Lisp
into the mainstream (it's Lisp with curlies
instead of parens). 

Second it has a really wacky and mildly oppressive
license. Basically you pay every time someone
downloads your curl script. Here is an excerpt
from their web page:


"Our fees are based upon the size of files written
in the Curl content language that are executed on
client devices . . . "

"Our license fees are $0.001 per kilobyte of Curl
language source code executed on a client device.
This includes applets, packages and scripts
written in the Curl content language; but does not
include data or images." 


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