SPUG: CPAN question

Aaron Salo aaron at activox.com
Wed Feb 20 08:38:33 CST 2002

Was the fix to have it prompt you nicely and imply that it will only update
itself before it starts a perl flush-and-refresh? 

Two weeks ago I logged into a customer's server to install a couple
modules. While I was in the CPAN shell arranging for the couple packages I
wanted, CPAN prompted me and suggested in a very nice tone that I update
CPAN.pm to the newest version during my stay, and that I was good looking
and smart. I said okay, since you put it that way, sure, go ahead, update
*yourself*. I then made the mistake of not paying attention for a few minutes.


Fortunately no harm done in this instance but obviously this is the sort of
thing where you would like a clear warning, a la "if you do this you will
upgrade Perl and all std modules to the latest versions as well". I think. 

Although I was happy to find out that I am smart and good looking. Okay,
that part really didn't happen. But the rest is true, I swear it!


At 10:55 PM 2/15/2002 -0800, David Vergin wrote:
>When the CPAN.pm module tries to upgrade to a newer version of Perl
without your
>permission, the solution is to upgrade the CPAN.pm module itself!
>Certain versions of the CPAN.pm module do this Perl upgrade in some
>circumstances. The most recent versions do not do this. IIRC, the behavior
>first observed in the spring of 2001 and the problem was resolved with a
>version of the CPAN.pm module in early summer.

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