SPUG: Feb. Meeting: Magazine Talks!

Tim Maher tim at consultix-inc.com
Thu Feb 7 23:15:06 CST 2002

                        2/19/02 SPUG Meeting
                  "Magazine Talks & Lightning Talks"

                        CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS
Magazine Talks
The debut issue of The Perl Review arrived on-line earlier this week
(www.perl.org/ThePerlReview/), adding another publication to the World
of Perl!

This event reminds me of something I've been fantasizing about for some
time: A "Magazine Night", where we discuss interesting articles from
past issues of Perl publications (including those existing in paper,
PDF, Ezine (any left?), and HTML form).

I've provided a list of some sample articles below, representing many
different application areas.  I'm asking for volunteers who'll read an
article, and make a presentation to the group on it.  The presentation
should include a summary of the article's contents, representative code
samples, a live demo (if relevant), ideas for how we could apply the
lessons of the article, etc.

Anyone who would prefer to cover an Article I haven't listed, a Chapter
from a Book, or even a Discussion Thread, is welcome to do so.  The only
requirement is that you clear your idea with me in advance (so we can
avoid duplication of efforts), and provide a URL (or other reference)
so others can have a chance to read it too.

The length of the talks will depend on how many we need to accommodate
in our allotted time, but I'm figuring on 15 minutes minimum, possibly
ranging up to 30 minutes (including a Q/A period).  Scheduling preference
will be given to those who respond by 2/13.  Once the schedule is settled,
I'll post the list of articles to the spug-list, so those who wish may
read them in advance.

Lightning Talks
Anybody who wants to give a brief talk on any Perlish topic, like
your latest module, Larry's latest Apocalypse, etc., is also welcome.


Structured Classes in Perl

Helping the Disabled with Perl/TK
        http://www.sysadminmag.com/tpj/, from Issue #22, Winter, 2001

Creating XML-RPC Web Services
        http://www.sysadminmag.com/tpj/, from Issue #22, Winter, 2001

Building Directory Services with Net::LDAP
        From TPJ Issue #20, Winter 2000, pp. 53-60
                (this and following TPJ articles not online anymore)

Finance::Quote, Finance::QuoteHist and HTML::TableExtract
        From TPJ Issue #19, Fall 2000, pp. 40-50.

Filtering Mail with Mail::Audit and News::Gateway
        From TPJ Issue #18, Summer 2000, pp. 12-16.

Tktk::  A Perl/TK Solitaire Game
        From TPJ Issue #18, Summer 2000, pp. 17-21.



Please join in and make this a fun event!


P.S. Upcoming speakers:

        March: Colin Meyer, discussing exotic topics within the
                realm of Database Programming 

        July: "The Damian", talking about whatever he wants! 
                BRACE YOURSELVES! 8-}

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